We Bring Strategic Expertise To Loyalty Programs

Halo Loyalty marketing solutions are already in use by some of the world’s largest and most innovative resort, leisure, retail, fitness, hotel and entertainment properties. They chose our tools to increase customer engagement, drive revenue and gain competitive advantage. You can, too.

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A Loyalty Platform That Meets Your Loyalty Challenge

We offer ongoing services support after we implement your solution.

Strategy Services

Halo Loyalty is your “always-on” partner in every aspect of loyalty and customer engagement, applying more than a century of combined experience implementing, managing and optimizing customer loyalty solutions to meet your requirements.

Product Suite

Halo is a suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions. It has the power to integrate your loyalty program across hotel, restaurant, point of sale, food and beverage, spa and fitness, and entertainment systems in service of a coherent, enterprise-wide customer experience.

Integrated Solutions

Halo Loyalty offers certified tools for point-to-point and information-bus integrations, with deep expertise deploying Halo on legacy infrastructures to preserve your existing technology investments.

Halo Loyalty Delivers Demonstrable Value

Halo Loyalty works with you to configure a loyalty solution that addresses your exact requirements. Depending on your needs, this tailored solution may combine all our offerings – rewards software, strategy, implementation, training, system support and an ongoing collaborative partnership – or just one or two. We’ll partner with you to craft the mix that best suits your business.

  • Halo Loyalty offers the most advanced and comprehensive loyalty strategy platform.
  • Our centralized loyalty program platform integrates all patron spending and behavioral data across multiple touchpoints.
  • Our loyalty program software consolidates data in real time from disparate transactional and management systems.
  • We stand with you through development, management and optimization of your loyalty program.
  • Deep system interface and integration expertise lets us deploy on legacy infrastructures to maximize value of existing systems.

Advanced Loyalty Strategy Services

Halo Loyalty is your “always-on” partner for excellence in implementing, managing, and optimizing your loyalty program. The breadth of our expertise allows us to deploy and configure the Halo solution to meet specific requirements and goals. Find out how Halo Loyalty can address your technical and business needs for loyalty solutions.

Get a loyalty program tailored to your needs

Provide a consistent member experience across all existing transactional systems.

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Halo Loyalty Software Solutions

Halo is a suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions that enable delivery of highly tailored programs and incentives across multiple systems. Orchestrating those company loyalty programs and their vast stores of data is Halo Core, the central component of the Halo Loyalty Management Solution. The unique Halo architecture supports true “big data” processing with the power to satisfy the demands of real-time transactional processing at massive scale. Halo can be launched in the cloud for rapid deployment opportunities, while reducing infrastructure costs. The following management tools and user interfaces further extend the power of the Halo platform.

Engage more customers

Engage your members across all amenities and touch points, in real time.

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System Integrations

Halo integrates with all your existing transactional systems – including gaming, hotel, dining, retail, spa and fitness, and entertainment point of sale – using third-party certified gateways. We extend the life of your existing technology investments. Our team can implement cutting-edge Halo solutions on your existing infrastructure with no need for a high-cost rip-and-replace scenario or the limitations of a single management system.

Halo system interface and integration technologies:

  • Provide third-party systems with a simple, point-to-point API solution to communicate with Halo Core.
  • Add secure patron portals to your existing websites, providing access to loyalty data, offers and the patron profiles.
  • Enable companies with information-bus platform investments, such as TIBCO, MULE, BizTalk to integrate through Halo Mesh.
  • Allow you to launch Halo in the cloud for rapid deployment opportunities and reduced infrastructure costs.

Integrate with all your existing transactional systems

Our team can implement cutting-edge Halo solutions on your existing infrastructure.

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