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August 14, 2017

Role of Payment Solutions in a Comprehensive Loyalty Solution

Our CEO, Jon Wolfe, provides some insights into the role of payment solutions in a comprehensive loyalty solution in a recent Forbes article when he was interviewed by Tina Mulqueen. “Payment solutions are the next frontier of loyalty programs because they’re so data rich. You get to understand the customer beyond their habits in one […]

March 28, 2017

Halo Extends the Value of Your Current Loyalty Investments

Halo Loyalty understands that being able to leverage your existing loyalty infrastructure is important. That’s why Halo Loyalty offers tools for system integration that enable customers to deploy Halo solutions on legacy infrastructures to preserve technology investments and maximize the value of existing systems.

February 27, 2017

Our Suite of Loyalty Solutions Stands alone in the Loyalty Marketplace

Few would argue that technology is the heartbeat of innovation and progress. As we look at the evolution of customer engagement, we see that technology has allowed brands to move closer to their customers than ever before. At Halo Loyalty, we’re proud to offer a suite of software solutions that help our customers forge lasting relationships with their customers.

October 31, 2016

Halo Loyalty: Delivering the Expertise to 360-Degree Loyalty Success

If you’ve been following us, you know we believe success in loyalty marketing starts with taking a 360-degree perspective to your customers and the opportunities to engage them in a personalized way. Our work has convinced us that an effective omnichannel customer engagement framework requires a perspective that is both holistic and dynamics and the unique value propositions of a brand and its offerings, while at the same time, accounting for the practical realities of architecting and implementing a loyalty solution across all transactional touch points and customer engagement channels, takes a special type of loyalty partner.

October 18, 2016

What is the Path to True Omnichannel Consumer Loyalty?

The allure of true omnichannel marketing has been an object of obsession for loyalty marketers. Given the plethora of touch points between brands and an increasingly mobile-first customer, along with volumes of data that can be captured from transactions and behaviors, it’s easy to see why omnichannel strategies continue to climb the list of priorities for loyalty program leaders.