Build More Profitable Brand Relationships with Personalized Loyalty

Improve customer retention, grow top line revenues and increase customer share with retail loyalty programs that recognize, target and reward retail customers based on their personal spends and preferences.

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Compete More Successfully with Customized, Contextual Customer Intelligence

Retail loyalty solutions and strategies designed by Halo Loyalty help merchandizers increase profitable customer relationships by creating deeper segmentation and customizing engagement strategies based on data-driven insights about past purchases, personal offer redemptions, interests and lifestyles. Attract new customers with profitable rewards that grow your business via loyalty programs that make them feel recognized and appreciated while delivering financial gains to the brand.

Profitable re-investment strategies

Personalize engagement strategies based on knowledge of your most valuable customers' spending history, without over-investing in infrequent or anonymous shoppers.

Frictionless redemptions

Target customers with personalized offers and location-aware services, and monitor results and manage programs with real-time data.

Real-time personalized offers

Drive real-time interactions and in-store sales with offers and promotions that evolve to reflect the latest technologies and customer experience trends.

Get a 360-degree view of the customer

Merge omnichannel customer data (from physical stores, ecommerce sites, catalogs, call centers and all transactional systems) to better know your customer.

Single source database

Extend your existing transactional technology with Halo Loyalty solutions that seamlessly integrate with legacy retail management systems.

Build Personalized Customer Relationships with Halo Loyalty Solutions

Halo Loyalty offers the most advanced and comprehensive loyalty strategy platform for the retail industry, with a comprehensive suite of solutions paired with system interface and integration expertise to help you solve your unique business challenges.

Halo Loyalty Retail Platform

Strategy Services

We offer the strategic expertise to implement, manage and optimize your retail loyalty solution so that you don't need to be a loyalty expert. Let us help you by analyzing and prioritizing opportunities to refine or expand your customer engagement programs.

Product Suite

Our suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions delivers highly tailored loyalty and margin retention programs across multiple platforms. The Halo Loyalty architecture is built from the ground up to provide real-time data access and support near-instantaneous transactional processing and big data analysis at massive scale.

Integration Services

Integrate your retail loyalty program across all your locations and channels, including web site, ecommerce systems and social networks. Halo Loyalty integrates with existing transactional systems using third-party certified gateways, and can be deployed in cloud-based environments such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2.

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