The Best Loyalty Programs for the Gaming Industry

We stand behind leading innovators in casinos and integrated entertainment resorts, offering highly customizable loyalty programs that can be targeted to individual customer segments across a variety of touchpoints to maximize engagement and revenue potential.

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Centrally Managed Loyalty Program That Joins Disparate Casino Applications

In today’s highly competitive gaming markets, casino operators are looking for meaningful ways to differentiate themselves and be more profitable and beckoning than the casino down the street. Enhancing customer experience through a universal loyalty program is a proven way to ensure that patrons visit and play more often in your properties. Enable your marketing organization to create, execute and analyze promotions, events and targeted real-time, rules-based offer campaigns through a suite of advanced loyalty marketing solutions. Halo Loyalty platforms are deployed in over 120 installations across 70 markets, including some of the largest integrated resorts in the U.S. and Asia.

Key segmentation to deliver personalized offers

Personalize engagement strategies based customer history and behaviors, and create frictionless player experiences with paperless redemptions at restaurants, hotels and the gaming floor.

Real-time rules engines

Monitor and manage campaigns and revenue impacts with real-time data, and create segmentation across your guest database that’s unique to your business goals and trip frequency.

Frictionless experiences and redemptions

Make your casino loyalty programs unique and stand out with marketing campaigns that evolve to reflect the latest technologies and give your players a simpler experience.

360-degree view of the guest

Merge omnichannel customer data (from all casino locations and management systems) into a single, real-time view of the patron.

Leverage existing technology investments

Extend the value of your existing transactional technology by bringing multiple, complex transactional systems and CRM, PMS and POS together on a single platform.

Build Personalized Customer Relationships with Halo Loyalty Solutions

Halo Loyalty offers the most advanced and comprehensive loyalty strategy platform for casinos and integrated resorts, with a comprehensive suite of solutions plus system interface and integration expertise to help solve your unique business challenges.

Halo Loyalty Gaming Platform

Strategy Services

We offer the strategic expertise to implement, manage and optimize your casino loyalty solution. Let us help you by analyzing and prioritizing opportunities for refining and expanding your guest engagement programs. We create unique programs that embody your brand and create competitive advantages.

Product Suite

Our suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions delivers highly tailored loyalty programs and incentives across all gaming and non-gaming transactional platforms. The Halo Loyalty architecture is built from the ground up to provide real-time data analysis and support near-instantaneous transactional processing and big data analysis at massive scale.

Integration Services

Integrate your loyalty program across all your locations and customer touchpoints, including hotels, restaurants, spas and entertainment venues and recreational facilities. Halo Loyalty integrates with existing transactional systems using certified gateways.

Up the ante with tailored loyalty strategies.

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