Boost Member Retention with Fitness Loyalty Programs

Reduce “gym hopping” with a loyalty solution that recognizes and rewards members with tailored services and programs while improving revenues, frequency of visits and positive word of mouth.

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Use Customer Data Insights to Target Member Preferences and Personalize Connections

Fitness loyalty solutions from Halo Loyalty help gyms, athletic clubs and fitness studios improve member retention and create customized experiences that nurture relationships and build affinity for your business. By analyzing customer data about members’ purchase history and participation in classes, programs and extra services such as personal training, massage and other therapies, you can incentivize members with personalized customer rewards to drive repeat visits, increase spending and engender good will.

Build more profitable relationships with customers

Zen or sweat it out together! Loyal customers will spend more money and are valuable ambassadors for your business.

Find all the intelligence in your data

Help their workout work out by tracking all member activities to better understand their needs and wants. Customize programs to their interests, preferences and goals.

Find new opportunities to grow your business

Get heart rates up and bodies moving again! Reach out to new, lapsed or infrequent customers by offering incentives that increase traffic and generate additional business.

Get a 360-degree view of the customer

Keep members’ fitness goals on track. Merge member data from multiple online and offline sources to better know your customer.

Leverage existing technology investments

Extend your existing transactional technology with Halo Loyalty solutions that seamlessly integrate with legacy business management systems.

Build Personalized Customer Relationships with Halo Loyalty Solutions

Halo Loyalty offers the most advanced and comprehensive loyalty strategy platform for the fitness industry, with a comprehensive suite of solutions plus system interface and integration expertise to help you solve your unique business challenges.

Halo Loyalty Fitness Platform

Strategy Services

We offer the strategic expertise to implement, manage and optimize your customer loyalty solution so that you don't need to be a loyalty expert. Let us help you analyze and prioritize opportunities to refine or expand your customer engagement programs.

Product Suite

Our suite of centrally managed loyalty solutions delivers highly tailored loyalty and member retention programs across multiple platforms. The Halo Loyalty architecture is built from the ground up to provide real-time data access and reporting, and support near-instantaneous transactional processing and big data analysis at massive scale.

Integration Services

Integrate your fitness loyalty program across all your locations and channels, including website, ecommerce systems and social networks. Halo Loyalty integrates with existing transactional systems using third-party certified gateways, and can be deployed in cloud-based environments such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon EC2.

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