Halo Loyalty Solutions: Tailored to Your Industry

We are the industry leader in the toughest loyalty program challenge of all: gaming. Now Halo Loyalty can help you unlock the value of loyalty programs for your industry. Our loyalty programs offer value beyond reward points: They rely on data analytics to build strategies for developing stronger and deeper customer relationships that can help transform your business. We’ll show you how.

Real-Time Data-Driven Loyalty Program Crafted for Your Brand

Halo Loyalty’s robust and highly effective loyalty solutions deliver a flexible platform for developing and fostering relationships with customers in industries with complex, high-touch connections. Only Halo Loyalty can help you mine deep intelligence from real-time customer data across all transactional systems and web, ecommerce, mobile and social channels. Get comprehensive, 360-degree insights into your customer base so you can anticipate the preferences, interests and trends that impact business performance.


Drill into customer spending and behavior data to create customized segmentation and campaigns that target individual customers across a full range of touchpoints to maximize engagement and revenue potential. More>


Make offline and online sales and customer history data available in real time so sales associates can have true clienteling functionality that reinforces and responds to the needs, preferences and expectations of customers while they shop. More>


Analyze guest data and tailor engagement strategies based on spending history, frequency of stays and add in the purchases from the guests’ total spend in your restaurants, retail stores and entertainment outlets. More>


Boost member retention with a loyalty solution that recognizes and rewards members with tailored services and programs while improving revenues, frequency of visits and positive word of mouth. More>


Increase profits by analyzing customer data and customizing engagement strategies to increase revenue and enhance satisfaction while making your guests feel recognized and appreciated. More>


Create exciting, unique experiences for your most ardent fans through a loyalty solution that combines all your data into one view, personalizes engagement with your fans, and makes you more memorable to your most important audiences. More>

Other Industries

Halo Loyalty solutions create comprehensive, 360-degree insights to help you build strategies for developing deeper customer relationships that can help transform your business. More>

A Loyalty Program Like No Other

Halo Loyalty has the experience and technical skills to aggregate all of your company’s transactional and customer data and the business expertise to understand and act on insights and opportunities revealed in the data.

Combine all customer transactions in a single platform

Halo integrates with all existing transactional systems across your organization to gather all data into a centrally managed infrastructure for real-time analysis.

Unlock your customer “communities”

Halo Loyalty can help you recognize and understand the relationships between customers that can impact decision-making and purchase choices.

360-degree connection to services and offers

Halo Loyalty takes the headache out of managing multi-platform, cross-channel loyalty promotions for a simpler path to business results.

Do you require a multi-brand or specific loyalty program?

Contact us and let’s get started crafting a loyalty strategy that is customized to your unique business needs and opportunities.

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