Deeper Loyalty

Your loyalty program transforms your business. Halo Loyalty provides the strategies, technologies and expertise to discover deeper insights into your customers' needs, preferences and communities to help you build lasting and more profitable customer relationships.

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We Bring Strategic Expertise to Loyalty Programs

Our loyalty solutions track and analyze deep customer-driven data that can help your company anticipate and solve any challenges your business faces. Our loyalty platform also drives flexible marketing programs that extend customer experiences across multiple industries, channels and devices to help you connect more deeply with your customers.

Engage your customers to create unmatched loyalty

Deliver a consistent experience and omnichannel access across all systems, channels and customer touch points in real-time to target customers with relevant calls to action.

Get a complete view of your customer

Truly understand your customers with a 360-degree customer view gained by aggregating and analyzing all available data.

Increase revenue and grow wallet-share

Personalized offers and campaigns meet customer aspirations and preferences, leveraging solutions that are easily customized for brand loyalty.

Use Loyalty to Drive Preference and Revenue

Because every brand operates differently, Halo Loyalty offers brand-specific loyalty solutions to deliver tailored solutions and services that solve your business’ challenges and opportunities.


Target individual customer segments with personalized offers to maximize customer engagement and revenue potential. More>


Identify and track customers across brick-and-mortar stores, online and mobile shopping experiences, and monitor individual clienteling with likes, dislikes, behaviors and relationships. More>


Recognize and reward your most valuable guests with personalized experiences and real-time benefits while learning their needs and interests, across a range of touchpoints and transactional platforms. More>


Increase customer retention with gym loyalty programs that track member activities and experiences that personalize your services and boost community engagement. More>


Increase profits by analyzing customer data and customizing engagement strategies to increase revenue and enhance satisfaction while making your guests feel recognized and appreciated. More>


Create exciting, unique experiences for your most ardent fans through a loyalty solution that combines all your data into one view, personalizes engagement with your fans, and makes you more memorable to your most important audiences. More>

Other Industries

Halo Loyalty solutions create comprehensive, 360-degree insights to help you build strategies for developing deeper customer relationships that can help transform your business. More>

Provide Your Customers a Complete and Rewarding Loyalty Experience

Halo Loyalty’s solutions help you differentiate and extend your offerings to gain competitive advantage in highly dynamic markets. Our centralized platform integrates all patrons, transactional history and behavioral data across all touchpoints and locations, and analyzes this data to identify personalized opportunities for investments and deeper segmentation. Our experts stand with you through design, development, management and optimization of your customized loyalty program, building real-time system interfaces and integrations with your legacy infrastructure to maximize value of existing investments.

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